How can philosophers engage in interdisciplinary research?


27th of January 2023
4 pm (GMT+1)

Practical Session

with Gualtiero Piccinini and Inês Hipólito

In the sciences of the mind, interdisciplinary research in the sciences of the mind is extremely rewarding and can lead to important insights and innovations that would not have been possible within a single discipline. 

Several challenges however arise when conducting interdisciplinary research. The challenges include (but not limited to):

  1. Lack of common language or terminology: Researchers from different disciplines may use different terms or definitions for the same concept, which can lead to misunderstandings or confusion.

  2. Different research methodologies: Researchers from different disciplines may have different approaches to conducting research, which can make it difficult to reconcile their findings.

  3. Different goals or objectives: Researchers from different disciplines may have different goals or objectives for their research, which can make it challenging to align their efforts.

  4. Limited funding: Interdisciplinary research often requires funding from multiple sources, which can be difficult to secure.

  5. Limited expertise: Researchers may not be familiar with the methods or theories used in other disciplines, which can make it difficult to contribute to the research.

  6. Limited recognition: Interdisciplinary research may not be as well recognized or valued as research within a single discipline, which can make it harder to secure funding or publish findings.

  7. Resistance to change: Some researchers may resist the idea of interdisciplinary research, either because they are not familiar with it or because they are skeptical of its value.

    We strongly encourage everyone, from students, early and senior career scholars to engage by sharing their ideas, experience, challenges, and to think together in how to raise awareness and overcome these challenges.

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